Natural repellents against flies

Flies are insects that have adapted to all climates, thus inhabiting the entire terrestrial surface. The species considered to be a housefly is very much linked to humans, feeding on all our waste, but at the same time transmitting serious diseases to get in touch with the food we eat. Among the diseases that transmit flies are typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery and others, in this way knowing the natural repellents against flies is very beneficial to avoid the spread of diseases.

Natural repellents against flies

The flies have a period of life that ranges from 15 to 20 days, however, it is enough time to step on a large amount of food and kitchen utensils contaminating everything without us noticing.

Among the natural repellents against the flies with the greatest impact, we have the following:

· Rosemary and mint essential oil

Natural repellents against flies

A very interesting way to keep flies away is to clean the furniture, tables, ornaments, as well as door frames and sales, with essential oil of rosemary and mint, the aroma will prevent them from entering the house, but you must apply the oils consecutively to maintain their effectiveness.

· Aromatic herbs

flies natural repellents

The aromatic herbs are very effective natural repellents against  flies, you can plant them in your garden or prepare some branches and place them inside the house, the most effective herbs for these insects are: laurel, basil, eucalyptus, lavender and elderberry.

· Orange shells

natural repellents against flies2

The strong smells and citrus are a great idea to scare the flies, I recommend placing orange peel, lemon and some cloves, in containers that you can distribute in the corners, kitchen, basement, garden and bathrooms, this way you home will be free of flies and therefore of the diseases they transmit.