homemade tricks to scare away flies

The flies are very annoying insects that are characterized by being close to the garbage, which causes that many catalog them as one of the most disgusting insects. Here you will have the opportunity to learn some home remedies that will scare the flies out of your home, pay attention.

3 home tricks to drive away flies

To remove this plague from your home you must use the following tricks:

home tricks to get rid of flies


Vinegar is one of the elements that is never missing in a kitchen, so you can use a little to remove the annoying flies, mix it in a glass of water with the media, mix it with a spray and when it comes to flying fly Near you you spray with this mixture.

You will notice that the fly will fly more slowly and with a fly killer you will be able to eliminate them easily.

2.Aromatic plants

home tricks against flies

This remedy manages to scare the flies away from your home even if you do not kill them, place them in your home specifically where flies frequent pieces of plants such as mint, thyme, rosemary, camphor, among others.

Flies can not stand their smell and if you put them in the right places you will get this plague out of your house.

3. Bag with water

how to fight flies homemade

Another of the home tricks that helps you keep these types of insects away is to place a transparent plastic bag filled with water up to three quarters of the bag.

Place it in the entrances of your house, in the doors and windows, the trick is that the sunlight is refracted in the transparent bag making prisms that cause an optical effect to the flies that repels them immediately

finally, you must use these homemade tricks to eliminate once and for all these insects from your house that besides being annoying they may end up transmitting diseases dangerous to health.