6 Simple steps to eliminate flies forever

Flies are insects endowed with many abilities that allow them to survive in any environment, they are usually diurnal, however, it is possible to find some hanging around the garbage during the night. These insects are carriers of a wide range of infectious diseases, this is because they are naturally attracted to garbage, excrement, decomposed flesh and all kinds of rotten smell, which makes them one of the most polluted species for human beings, thinking about it today I want to show you 6 simple steps to eliminate flies quickly.


steps to eliminate flies

Always thinking about the health of the family and the environment, I recommend using natural products to eliminate the annoying flies:

  1. Home repellent with cloves: To eliminate flies in a simple way just mix in a bowl orange juice and cloves, then sprinkle it around the house and you will not have more flies.
  2. Mint essential oil: Another scent that undoubtedly is unbearable for flies is that of mint, clean your house with essential oil of mint.
  3. Dry basil leaves: Place basil leaves in small bags and place them where flies most frequent.
  4. Transparent bags with water: A very simple but effective trick, place transparent bags filled with water on the outside, the flies will feel confused with the sun’s reflections and will move away from your home.
  5. Boric acid: You only need to mix a little boric acid with water and place it in a container with atomizer, to eliminate the flies simply spray them with this mixture.
  6. Aromatic plants: Having aromatic plants planted at home is an ideal option to maintain a pleasant aroma and also scare off flies and all kinds of insects that are hanging around, plant in your garden laurel, basil, lavender, calendula and rosemary.