Vaccines to avoid fleas

If you have pets in your house one of the things you have to deal with is fleas, these insects usually infect the animals because they feed on their blood, they are undesirable guests for your pets and that is why here are some vaccines to avoid fleas.

Vaccines to avoid fleas

The vaccine is basically a small portion of some living organism that contains antigens that cause an immune response to be generated in the body.

vaccines against fleas

Usually people use other methods to combat fleas, as there is no such thing as a vaccine against fleas, which can be found in the commercial market are sympathetic antiparasitic products that combat the presence of internal and external parasites.

Intravenous administration of these products are usually for livestock animals, but can sometimes work for pets. In the case of dogs or cats this type of product is applied through pipettes or capillary ampoules for external use.

How to choose the vaccines to avoid fleas

The selection of a vaccine is delicate, remember that placing the wrong vaccine can cause damage to the health of the animal, first of all it is preferable to maintain the health of your pet, it is therefore recommended to make a visit to the veterinarian and that this indicates what is the best way to combat this plague in your pet.

Another way to fight the fleas

vaccines to avoid fleas3

To deal with this plague you can not only apply vaccines to avoid fleas you can follow these tips:

  • Bathe frequently your pet, apply a shampoo that contains properties kill fleas.
  • Place an anti-flea collar.
  • You can use some implements of the home that fight this plague like: vinegar, talc, uses aromatic plants.

I hope that with this article you can eliminate fleas from your home and your pet once and for all