Kill fleas on cats

You can not let your pets become infected with parasites like fleas, although it is well known that it is more common for dogs to infest more easily than cats, humans can also be invaded with these insects and affect their quality of life Because of this, measures must be taken to kill fleas in cats completely.

Kill fleas on cats

Take note of some tips you can take to kill fleas in cats:

fleas on cats

Salt water: Salt water is repulsive to fleas. Add some salt in the water, then sprinkle on the floors and other places in the house and keep them away.

Comb 2 fleas: With a comb for cats, comb gently between the hairs of the cat, in the armpits, etc. and keep soap and water in a container to kill the fleas.

White vinegar: White vinegar is good for eliminating fleas. White vinegar is thrown into the water when your pets bathe or to clean them.

Rosemary: Grasp a handful of rosemary leaves and liquefy them so that the dust remains, then sprinkle them on the areas where the cat plays.

Soil washing: Keep your house clean, because in a clean and hygienic place it reduces the growth of fleas.

Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar does not eliminate them but makes them jump out of pets, use it with a spray on your pets and places where you frequent.

Why eliminate fleas in cats?

why eliminate fleas on cats

The main reason to kill fleas in cats is to avoid diseases in the skin that have as a consequence the deterioration and dehydration in it, which can generate greater damage to your body.

This type of insect can cause other types of diseases called parasites and infections that can in fact be transmitted to other animals and humans, so what do you expect to kill fleas in cats?