Homemade tricks to end fleas

Fleas are parasites that feed on the blood of mammals including humans, the saliva of fleas can cause allergic reactions, injuries and skin rashes of their victims, some flea species are carriers of various diseases among the best known we have; typhus disease, bubonic plague and cestodes. There are some homemade tricks to eliminate fleas that are quite effective, you just need to know how to use them and you can get excellent results.

Homemade tricks to end fleas

Fleas do not have wings but they are agile enough to jump, which allows them to flee when they feel threats and get a better source of food. All pets are prone to suffer a flea attack, so knowing the home tricks to kill the fleas is of utmost importance to avoid in this way that they become a pest.

· Diatomaceous earth

home tricks against fleas

One of the most effective home tricks to kill the fleas is to place diatomaceous earth for each space in the house where they frequent fleas, the area where the pet sleeps, doors, windows and garden.

· Vinegar to bath your pet

Homemade tricks to end fleas

Every time you take your pet for a walk, it is inevitable that a flea will jump on it, so a trick that does not fail is to put vinegar in the water with which you bathe it, the acidic component of this product kills these insects naturally.

Also sprinkle vinegar on the bed of your pet to eliminate the eggs and larvae that are there avoiding in this way to return to seize your pet.

· Repellent with lemon oil

homemade tricks against fleas

The lemon oil is acid enough to work as a flea repellent, just add a few drops in a container with water and spray it for every place in your home.