3 home remedies to kill fleas

Do you want to eliminate fleas from the life of your pets and your home? You are in the right place. With these 3 home remedies to eliminate fleas you will say goodbye once and for all to this plague.

3 home remedies to kill fleas

home remedies to kill fleas2

Many times in the home you have implements that can serve as home remedies for many things, in this case there are some of those remedies that fight the presence of fleas in the home.

1. Vinegar to eliminate fleas

At the time of bathing you should mix a cup of vinegar with a cup of liquid detergent. Apply this mixture throughout the body of the animal and let it act for a few minutes.

With a comb out fleas, comb your pet and you will see that the fleas take off easily, finally applies plenty of water to remove excess detergent from the animal.

This procedure is recommended to be carried out at least twice a week.

2. Beer yeast to combat fleas

Apply a cup of brewer’s yeast throughout the animal’s coat, rubbing the coat constantly throughout its body, make sure the yeast reaches the skin of the animal.

This is an excellent home remedys to kill fleas because the brewer’s yeast is rich in vitamin B1 which scares away fleas.

Apply once a week, you can even leave the brewer’s yeast in the animal for several days.

3. Antifleas lemon

lemon to combat fleas

The fleas can not stand the smell of lemon, you can boil a liter of water and being at the boiling point add a lemon cut into pieces.

Let the mixture rest overnight, then with a cotton wool this mixture passes through the body of the animal, taking care in the area of ​​the snout and eyes, try to reach the skin of your pet, it is not necessary to remove it

With these remedies you will never again have to worry about this plague.