Natural repellents against cockroaches

Cockroaches are insects that carry many diseases for human beings. When they come into contact with food, they leave secretions that contain bacteria and viruses from the garbage or sewers that they frequent, which causes terrible damage to health. It is important to know the natural repellents against cockroaches to prevent them from multiplying within homes.

Natural repellents against cockroaches

The cockroaches usually remain hidden during the day in cracks and crevices of the houses, later in the nights they leave in groups in search of food, they walk on all the objects of the houses including utensils of kitchens and leave in their wake a lot of contamination, a cockroach female can put up to 400 eggs during its life which implies an accelerated reproduction by these insects.

Natural repellents against cockroaches will help you to prevent these annoying insects from entering your home, thus taking care of your family’s health:

· Cucumber

Natural repellents against cockroaches

Fresh cucumber provides an unpleasant fragrance for cockroaches, place some slices in those areas of the house where you have noticed the presence of these insects, it is important that you change the slices frequently so that they can continue to have the desired effect.

· Mint and rosemary essential oil

cockroaches natural repellents

Another natural repellent against cockroaches that is very effective is the use of essential oils of mint and rosemary, the combination of both scents is fatal for cockroaches, you should only apply both oils on a clean towel and pass it through all the furnishings of your home, repeat this process weekly.

· Ammonia

natural repellents for cockroaches

The best way to use it to avoid the appearance of cockroaches is to mix it with water and clean the floors very well with this product, you can also add ammonia in the pipes to eliminate any cockroach that is there.