Homemade tricks to get rid of cockroaches

A common cockroach can last up to a year of life if it has the right humidity and temperature, otherwise it could live for 3 to 6 months, the cockroaches are insects of easy adaptation and can feed on practically everything; stored food, food waste, human or domestic animal feces, paper, cardboard, textiles and more. They frequent garbage dumps and sewers, which makes them great carriers of diseases, since when they come into contact with food, kitchen utensils and clothes, they leave secretions that can cause allergies, fever, diarrhea and much more, it is therefore necessary to know the Homemade tricks to eliminate cockroaches quickly and easily.

Homemade tricks to eliminate cockroaches

A female cockroach can produce up to 500 eggs throughout its reproductive cycle which translates into a major infestation within the houses in a short time, however, knowing the homemade tricks to eliminate the cockroaches, you can have an adequate control about this contaminating plague.

· Boric acid and chocolate

homemade tricks to eliminate cockroaches

You can prepare an effective trap with boric acid and chocolate to eliminate the cockroaches quickly, you just have to mix chocolate powder with boric acid and place it in corners, under the furniture and behind the appliances, also in the bathrooms and in the garden , cockroaches will be strongly attracted by the smell of chocolate, which will cause them to ingest the boric acid that will cause them an immediate death.

· Apple and lemon vinegar

homemade tricks to fight cockroaches

Another of the homemade tricks to finish off the cockroaches is making a natural repellent with apple cider vinegar and lemon juice, add it in a container with spray and spray from every corner of your home, any cockroach or egg that is sprayed with this repellent will die , due to the acid concentrate of both ingredients, it is important that you use this trick every two days so that the cockroaches do not come near your house.