Effective techniques to kill cockroaches

Approximately 3,600 species of cockroaches are known and of which only 5% are considered domestic cockroaches, during the day they rest in sewers, garbage dumps or drains and during the night they enter the houses in search of food which can vary from leftovers of meals until paper, cardboard or human feces, an adult cockroach can put about 400 eggs during its life what implies that a high level of infestation in the houses can exist of not taking into account the effective techniques to kill cockroaches in time.

Cockroaches are insects with a life cycle that is divided into three stages:

  • The eggs: Which are placed in ootheca that act as cases in the abdomen of the adult cockroach.
  • Nymph: They emerge from the eggs, are very similar to adults but without wings and smaller.
  • Adults: At this stage the cockroach has developed wings and is sexually active.

Effective techniques to kill cockroaches

It is important to know the effective techniques to kill cockroaches before they reproduce inside your house spreading viruses, parasites and diseases in everything they touch:

· Use de Vacuum

kill cockroaches effective techniques

A job as simple as vacuuming the house daily can significantly reduce the population of cockroaches inside your home, the vacuum allows you to access hard to reach places like behind appliances and furniture, you can pick up with it from eggs to nymphs.

· Sodium bicarbonate and honey

Effective techniques to kill cockroaches

Among the effective techniques to kill cockroaches baking soda should not be missing, you must make a mixture with honey, baking soda and water, then place it in small containers that you can distribute in corners where cockroaches frequent, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms, cockroaches they will be attracted by the aroma of honey and when they ingest the sodium bicarbonate they will die when they accumulate gases that they can not process.