cockroach sting

Cockroaches are those horrid and unpleasant bugs that more than one cause fear and repulsion, not only for its unique appearance, but for the terrible habits they have developed, to walk among garbage, pipes and other unclean places. What many do not know is that this ugly animal can also attack human beings, which gives us another reason to fear them and want to stay away from them; and is that, although this is rare, the cockroach bite is not a myth or a legend, and it is important to know about it to be prepared in case it occurs.

Therefore, we will talk in detail about everything related to cockroaches and their sting: how to identify it, what to do to avoid it and what measures to take to face the situation.

cockroach sting

How do you know if it is a cockroach sting?

It is very strange to see a person who has been attacked by a cockroach, because, although these bugs have a pair of very powerful jaws, rarely use them to bite humans. On the contrary, they almost always use them as a tool to gnaw wood and any other object that can serve as food.

cockroach sting how to identify it

However, it may be the case that these insects, annoying or fearful, resort to their small tongs to give a sting to a person, so it is essential to know how to distinguish the cockroach bite, not to confuse it with another insect and to be able to take the correct measures.

Well, the cockroach bite is usually characterized by forming a kind of red welt, a little larger than that which appears with the bite of a mosquito, which is accompanied by inflammation and redness of the skin.

cockroach sting how to identify

Normally, there are no symptoms beyond the above, unless the wound becomes infected and begins to secrete pus, in which case it will be necessary to consult a doctor.

How to avoid a cockroach sting?

cockroach sting how to avoid it

Although the cockroach sting is not so frequent, we can not afford to run the risk of becoming victims of these animals. In this way, it is advisable to implement certain measures that keep these insects as far as possible, so that the chances of being affected by their bite are diminished.

In the first place, it is advisable to maintain the cleanliness of the home and the surroundings, avoiding leaving piles of garbage, food and other similar remains that may be attractive for this pest.

Also, it is recommended to seal cracks and crevices in doors, windows, roof and walls, to prevent these bugs from leaking into the home and are closer and closer to us.

Hiring the services of a specialist in pest control is also an excellent alternative to prevent the appearance of cockroaches and, therefore, to avoid their bites. Every so often, contact the expert to carry out a fumigation inside and outside the home, which prevents the arrival of these undesirable vermin.

Now, if you happen to run into any of them on your way, avoid touching them at all costs or climb on top of you, keep in mind that, if you bother them, they may feel threatened and end up attacking you with their small but powerful jaws.

cockroach sting how to avoid

To eliminate them, spray some insecticide spray on them and, to make sure that others of your species do not enter your home, spray a little over the drains and under the front door. In this way, you can keep these bugs out of your reach and avoid being the victim of a cockroach bite.

What to do if a cockroach bites you?

Most of the time, the cockroach bite disappears on its own with the passing of days, so that no more treatment is usually necessary.

However, in order to avoid further complications, if you have received the bite of this insect, we recommend you to put into practice the following:

cockroach sting what to do
  • Avoid scratching or touching the area of ​​the picket, since you could cause an infection. If you wish, you can cover the wound with gauze or bandit to protect it.
  • Wash the wound with plenty of water and antibacterial soap.
  • Apply a cold compress on the bite to reduce swelling.

Natural remedies for cockroach sting

If despite your efforts to stay away from this plague, you have received a cockroach bite, there are some home remedies that can be of great help.

cockroach sting home remedies
  • Salt: one of the most practical and effective natural remedies for any type of insect bite is salt. To get its benefits, you must make a paste with salt and enough water, and then gently rub it over the wound. This will relieve the itching and reduce inflammation.
  • Apple cider vinegar: another excellent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory for insect bites is apple cider vinegar. Take a cotton soaked in vinegar and place it over the bite to improve the symptoms.
  • Honey: its antibacterial effect makes it an ally against the cockroach sting and other bugs. Just apply a little honey on the affected area and let it absorb to perceive its incredible benefits.

When to go to the doctor if a cockroach bites you?

cockroach sting when to go to the doctor

As we have said, the cockroach bite is not a major problem and, most of the time, it heals on its own. However, it may be the case that people are allergic to this insect and, therefore, they experience severe symptoms in front of their bite, such as dermatitis and respiratory problems, so it will be necessary to consult with a specialist, who will carry out the corresponding diagnosis and will prescribe the most appropriate treatment.

Likewise, a doctor’s attention will be required if the wound becomes infected or if it takes too long to heal.