Places where beetles tend to hide

The beetles are wonderful insects, but unfortunately they are seen as a pest, since they cause damage to the garden plants causing them to be disfigured. If you want to get rid of this small animal stay in this article where you will know which are those places where they usually hide.

Places where beetles tend to hide

places where beetles tend to hide2

There are many species of beetle and all can be adapted to the conditions where they are, so they can live almost anywhere, you can find them in forests, meadows, deserts, ponds, marshes among others.

The beetles use their front legs to make their way between the ground and hide, they also hide and the nests of birds and in the burrows of other mammals living as diners

If you want to find them in your home you should start looking in the garden, look under the stones, in bushes and although they do not usually enter homes, they have the facility to hide in any crack they find in their path.


Places where beetles tend to hide

This insect is usually a problem from the economic point of view, as it was said is a pest because it causes damage to the vegetation of the garden, although its preferred are the crops, they even destroy any wood they find in their path .

They can be a headache, if you have a crop or live in a house where wood abounds, you should have all kinds of precautions to avoid this insect.

How to eliminate the beetle

Many use insecticide to kill this annoying insect, but keep in mind that this type of chemical solution affects the environment and especially the plants. For this reason it is recommended to use some homemade strategy, find the places where the beetles usually hide and finish them with:

  • Boric acid
  • Liquid soap
  • Diatomaceous earth
  • White vinegar

These are the most used substances but you can find a way to get rid of this plague in the following article:

How to scare away beetles with home remedies.