How to fight beetles

Beetles are insects with a wide variety of species, distributed throughout the world have adapted to all environments, are a pest when they are in the larval stage, as they can kill important crops, other species prefer to live with beings humans taking over their homes and feeding on everything that is within their reach. Beetles are not very dangerous for humans, however some species such as the flying stag beetle or blister beetle can cause terrible skin lesions, it is therefore necessary to know the most effective strategies to combat beetles in a natural way.

How to combat beetles

How to fight beetles

Although most of these insects are considered harmless, having them in our homes damaging the upholstery, furniture, textiles and food is not a very attractive idea, being necessary to know the best ways to combat the beetles without causing damage to the environment.

· Clothes detergent

A very useful way to combat beetles in your home is by applying laundry detergent, as it contains chemical components that when in contact with the beetle causes immediate dehydration leading to death, mix laundry detergent with water and place it in a container with atomizer, when you see a beetle sprinkle it with the mixture and problem solved.

· Diatomaceous earth

how to combat beetles

The main function of diatomaceous earth in beetles is to cut their mouth and throat making them die in a few minutes, you only need to place it in the areas of your house where you have noticed the presence of beetles and clean the area after the beetles have dead.

· Cayenne pepper

Another solution to end the beetles is the cayenne pepper or black pepper, place it in the corners of your house, as well as in the doors and windows, when the beetle is in contact with the pepper will die immediately.