Household items used to kill beetles

Beetles are insects that have adapted to all types of habitats and environments, however, it is common to see them inside the houses during the winter in search of shelter and heat, the problem is not that they take refuge in our homes, but in that they begin their reproduction process there, which implies that in a short time there will be many eggs and larvae feeding on wood, stored food, textiles and more. There are household items that serve to kill beetles and today I want to teach you how to use them to avoid an invasion of these annoying insects.

Household items used to kill beetles

Beetles are not a problem for our health, but they are considered pests from the economic point of view, because of the significant damage they can cause to forests and agricultural plantations, as well as to wood worked and food stored inside homes .

Among the household items used to kill beetles we have the following:

· White vinegar

A product that never fails in homes, it is a natural disinfectant, to use it you only need to place it in a container with spray and spray directly on the beetle, direct contact will cause a certain death to the insect.

· Clothes detergent

The beetles have a layer of protective wax which weakens in direct contact with the laundry detergent, you only need to mix detergent with water, shake it well and then with the help of a spray spray on the beetle, this will cause dehydration and will die in a matter of seconds.

· Diatomaceous earth

diatomaceous earth against beetles

The diatomaceous earth is often used as a cleaning product, for this occasion you only need to sprinkle a little in those places where you have noticed the beetles, when they have contact with this product they will die asphyxiated.