Everything you need to know about beetles

In the world there are many plagues that can affect the life of human beings, in this article you will know everything you need to know about beetles and how to deal with this insect.

What are and how to identify a beetle

what need to know about beetles

The beetles are insects that are also called cucarrones, they represent a very broad family of insects given that there are more than a quarter of a million species in the world.

Although some species can be confused with cockroaches, you can easily identify them by having very well developed antennae, strong mouthparts and shell-shaped front fins, these fins are so hard that it looks more like a shell.

Its shape and size varies according to the species, some are long and thin others are like oval or round ladybugs, even some species of beetle have a resemblance to spiders.

What do beetles eat

Some beetles are considered as a garden pest, as they feed on small plant insects and animal fiber.

Are beetles dangerous?

All you need to know about beetles is that they do not attack humans and do not cause a health hazard, however some species is usually more aggressive than another as is the case of the flying stag beetle which has strong jaws that it can cause a lot of pain

There is also the blister beetle that is considered dangerous because the blood of this beetle contains a substance called “cantharadin” that causes blisters with the simple touch with the animal or in case of being swallowed.

Eliminate beetles

Everything you need to know about beetles

Here you will know everything you need to know about beetles to eliminate them at home, since it can be an unpleasant guest in your garden.

  • As they are not so small you can remove them from the plants manually, throw them in a bucket containing soap and water.
  • Use laundry detergent or liquid dish soap, with any of these ingredients mix it with water and sprays with an atomizer is one of the very effective solutions to get out of this annoying animal.