Avoid beetles on clothes

If you are one of those people who are very attentive with your clothes, who like to keep it for use in special moments, you should be careful with the carpet beetle. This small insect invades the privacy of the home to damage all the fabric in its path, so you should know how to avoid beetles on clothes.

Avoid beetles on clothes

avoid beetles on clothes

The best strategy to avoid beetles on clothes is not to give them an opportunity to reproduce. In this sense you should use the vacuum cleaner constantly, with it you can suck the animal and most importantly its larvae, which cause terrible damage to clothing and other tissues.

Not only do you focus on sucking the tissues, if you have a pet you should also suck their fur, since the beetles usually hide in this place as well.

Another way to avoid this insect is to wash the clothes with hot water, the combination of the detergent with the hot water eliminates the animal once and for all. This home remedy is very effective to avoid beetles on clothes.

If you think about storing clothes for a long period, try to wash it first in the way that was explained before, then get an airtight bag and keep it there so that nothing can come in or go out. The clothes will be kept almost intact.

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Urgent: Eliminate the beetles in the clothing

avoid beetles on clothes

This insect is the cause of damaging almost any textile material since this is its source of food, but beyond the material damage, the carpet beetle causes people to suffer from allergies, itching and rashes on the skin that are very uncomfortable .

They are capable of producing a dermatitis on the skin and can become severe in extreme cases, here is the importance of eradicating this annoying insect from home