3 ways to get rid of carpet beetles

Carpet beetles are the main reason why your clothes, carpet and other type of fabric suffer serious damage. To avoid this you must arm yourself with patience and start applying these 3 ways to get rid of carpet beetles.

3 ways to get rid of carpet beetles

The carpet beetles hide very well, but if you want to eliminate this insect from your life, the following is recommended:

1 - Use the vacuum

ways to get rid of carpet beetles

With this appliance vacuum everything that has fabrics in your house, this includes the roa, furniture, mattress, sheets, carpets and more. Not only is the idea to suck the carpet beetle, its larvae must also be sucked as they eat a lot to develop.

2 - Dispose of old clothes

Old clothes are the ideal habitat for carpet beetles, if you have stored clothes that you do not use, get rid of them. Do not give it to other people if you suspect that this insect is among these types of fabrics, it may cause discomfort in the person wearing the clothing.

3 - Wash clotes with hot water

ways to get rid of carpet beetles

When removing the carpet beetle you should know that it is very resistant, so it is recommended that the washing of the clothes have to be through hot water.

The detergent can help kill them quickly, and in the case of hard-to-wash linens such as carpets and furniture, you can apply steam to eliminate this pest.

Why eliminate the carpet beetle?

This insect must be eliminated because its larvae cause allergic reactions, is the case of carpet beetle dermatitis, the person shows itching, rashes of the skin that are truly annoying, this without counting the damage they cause to clothing and other household implements whose main material is the fabric

For this reason it is important that you carry out these ways to get rid of the carpet beetles, visit this article to deal with this plague:

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