3 Home tricks to avoid beetles

Beetles are insects that occupy practically any habitat, belong to the group of coleoptera and are one of the most extensive species of the animal kingdom. They have a very large diet depending on the species, some eat fruit, other insects, wood, seeds, leaves, roots and fungi, some species are considered pests for being able to ruin complete agricultural plantations, to avoid beetles inside your home I recommend the following homemade tricks.

3 Home tricks to avoid beetles

The beetles have a life cycle that is divided into 4 stages: egg, larvae, pupa and adult, some species cause greater damage in the larval stage such as woodworms and the death clock beetle, damaging the wood worked in a way irreversible.

Without further ado I invite you to know the 3 homemade tricks to avoid beetles in your house more effectively:

1 - Vacuum the house

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A very simple but effective trick, vacuuming the house 3 times a week is a very practical way to avoid beetles, with the vacuum cleaner you can reach those impossible to clean corners, this way you will be sure to eliminate eggs and larvae that have been deposited in cracks and holes in your house.

2 - Save foods

3 Home tricks to avoid beetles

Some species of beetles prefer to group where they store food, damaging everything they bite, such as cereals, grains, bread or flour, so keeping food in airtight containers is a great option to cut off the food supply of these insects.

3 - Laurel and mint infusion

tricks to avoid beetles

An aroma that without a doubt is unbearable for the beetles is that of the mint and the laurel, you only need to prepare an infusion that you will leave on the fire for 15 minutes, then at rest for two days and later it will be ready to use, sprinkle it with the help of an atomizer throughout the house especially on the exteriors, doors, windows and in the kitchen, your home will smell very well and insects will not come close.