Homemade tricks to kill bed bugs

Bed bugs are small insects difficult to identify with the naked eye, they feed on the blood of our bodies while we sleep and can become a real nuisance for their bites and the allergy that can cause their saliva to contact with our skin. During the day they remain hidden in the edges of the mattresses, in the curtains, under the carpets or in the cracks of the beds, when the night comes they begin to move to begin their feeding process, it is necessary therefore to know some home tricks to kill bed bugs thus preventing their spread.

How to identify Bed Bugs

Breaking the bedbug is not a difficult task if it is a minor infestation, since spreading all over the place will require the help of experts in the area. The first thing will be to identify the existence of the bed bugs:

  • Reddish spots on the sheets and mattresses.
  • Dark marks on the edges of mattresses and bedding.
  • Eggs, husks and shed skin in the rooms.
  • Stings in the body during the night.
  • And finally observe the live bugs.

Home tricks to kill bed bugs

Once identified the problem you can implement the following homemade tricks to kill bed bugs:

Cloves and cinnamon infusion

tricks to kill bed bugs

When it comes to killing bed bugs, the cloves and cinnamon are ideal because the aroma is unbearable for these small nocturnal insects, you only need to place a container with water, cloves and cinnamon powder and let it boil for 10 minutes, when find at room temperature spray the infusion in the rooms and the bed bugs will not return.

Steam against bed bugs

Homemade tricks to kill bed bugs

Vaporization is one of the most effective home solutions to eliminate bedbugs, you can help with a hair dryer or a clothes iron, also wash the bedding with hot water and expose the mattresses to the sun for 4 hours each week.