Curiosities about bed bugs that nobody knows

Bed bugs are small insects that lack wings, have more activity at night, since it is the right time to feed on the blood of both humans and pets, their color may vary depending on the amount of blood they have consumed, It has an oval shape and is frequently found on mattresses, sheets, bedding and pillows. There are some curiosities about bedbugs that is very interesting to know to keep a house clean of these annoying insects.

Curiosities about bed bugs

Although bed bugs are not carriers of important diseases, they should not be underestimated, there are some dangerous bed bugs whose bites can cause severe injuries, allergic reactions and in the worst case anemia due to blood being sucked through their mouthparts. .

During the day the bugs hide on the edges of the mattresses, between the curtains, in the cracks of the beds or between the sheets, during the night they begin their activity looking for a mammal that is at rest to start feeding.

curiosities about bed bugs

· Bed Bugs stings

The bites of bed bugs at home can be mistaken for mosquitoes, but they last longer and cause more discomfort.

They consist mainly of a reddish bulge in the skin accompanied by an itching, this is due to the anesthetic effects contained in the saliva of these insects when sucking the blood.

· Simple tricks to eliminate bed bugs

bed bugs curiosities

Another of the curiosities about bed bugs is that they die easily using the indicated treatments:

  • Steam on mattresses, sheets and pillows is a great option.
  • Wash clothes with hot water.
  • Change bedding frequently.
  • Remove mattresses to the sun weekly.
  • Spray white vinegar in the rooms frequently.
  • Use mint essential oil in the body as a natural repellent against bed bugs.