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Bed Bugs: The definitive guide and how to eliminate them

Until some time ago, no one cared about bed bugs because they barely knew about them, but lately there have been so many infestations because of these bugs, not only in homes but also in hotels and other places of lodging, that we have seen in the need to constantly check the mattresses, sofas and carpets in search of these pests so irritating and difficult to find.

As they are a real nightmare and we can barely realize that we are sharing our space with them, we have decided to leave you some information with everything you should know about bed bugs, as well as some tricks that will help you to eradicate this problem.

What are bed bugs?

what are bed bugs

Bed bugs are small insects that are difficult to detect with the naked eye, and that usually hide in places like mattresses, sheets, furniture, carpets, cracks in chairs and cabinets, and even behind the wall paper, going unnoticed by most of us.

These insects feed on human blood and do so especially at night. His saliva has a very particular characteristic and that is that it prevents the blood from coagulating while they suck it, so that they can feed themselves without being hindered by anything. Once they have satiated, the bedbugs scurry and hide again to repeat the same cycle, day after day.

Although these little animals seem impossible to detect, they leave us some clues that indicate their unpleasant presence, and these are dark and bloody spots on the bedding, in addition to a disgusting smell and small pieces of skin that they leave once they have moved.

Why do bedbugs appear?

why do bedbugs appear

Now that you know about bed bugs, you’re probably wondering: where do they come from? Well, one of the main reasons for the appearance of these bugs has to do with the fact of having pets at home and let them sleep on furniture or in beds, since the bed bugs usually climb cats, dogs and other animals to feed on their blood, and may end up feeding on us.

In addition to this, bed bugs can also appear as a result of trips abroad. It may sound a little weird, but when we travel to non-industrialized areas with few hygiene supplies, we take the risk that the bugs that live there will get into our luggage and travel with us back home.

Types or species of bed bugs

Well, the truth is that the world of bed bugs is quite broad and there are different types of them. In this animal group we can consider all the hemipteran insects that have a kind of pointed trunk or mouth that they use to suck fluids, whether it is the sap of the plants or the blood of humans or other animals.

Let’s see then what are the kinds of bed bugs we can run into.

Common bed bugs

bed bed bugs

This species of bug in particular, is one of the most that tend to bother people, and it is a small insect, almost the size of an apple seed, with flat body and without wings, which tends to come out mostly overnight. The skin color of this little bug is between brown and copper, which depends on whether or not it is full of blood.

As we said before, this type of bed bug feeds on human blood and other warm-blooded animals, and its bite is the one that should worry us the most, since it can be the cause of certain diseases.

Green stink bug

green stink bug

Along with the common bed bug, the green stink bug is one of the most worrisome species for humans. It is a small insect of green color, although it can also have some yellow or brown spots, capable of producing pests in gardens or orchards.

The name given to him is because of the unpleasant odor that he gives off when he gets upset or perceives a threat, just like when he is crushed.

Harlequin bug

harlequin bug

Harlequin bugs are very peculiar insects, metallic black with yellow tones above, although this tends to vary depending on the season or time of year. So, for example, in the summer we can notice that they have a much lighter tone than during the winter.

This species of plague is eaten mainly cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, turnip and broccoli, and is considered a real plague for all who love the planting.



It is a very small animal, reddish in color and with black spots, which is abundant throughout the Iberian Peninsula, mainly in the warmer areas. This type of bed bug also has wings but they are not the same in all cases and, like the harlequin bug, it does not feed on blood but on the sap of the plants, especially of the mauves, although it also tends to sneak into cabbage crops and cabbages.

Kissing bug

kissing bug

Also known as conenose bugs, assassin bugs, vampire bugs, it is a species of bed bug that spreads mostly in South America. This hematophagous (feeds on blood), is considered the main cause of Chagas disease. It is a dangerous insect that must be eliminated if it is found in houses.



This species of insect is a something different from the others because it is a little bit bigger. It feeds only on plants and has a kind of vibratory apparatus that emits a special sound to attract the females, and which we can hear more than anything during the night.

Water scorpion

water scorpion

This little animal looks a lot like the classic scorpion we all fear, and that is why it has been given that name. It is a predatory hemiptera that has its tail and legs in the shape of pincers, and a pointed mouth with which it sucks the fluids of the insects and the larvae that it hunts.

Bed Bugs bites and stings

When a bed bug has stung or bitten us, the first thing we notice is that a red speck forms on the skin and that it is usually a little bulky. When this happens, it is very important to treat the bite and not overlook it, as other more serious discomforts may appear on the skin and even certain health problems.

It may be the case that the reddish spot has some lines and this means that the bug has already bitten us more than once. With bed bugs bites it is quite easy to perceive the almost instantaneous inflammation of the area and also make us want to scratch, although other symptoms can also appear such as urticaria or anaphylaxis, for which a special and very urgent treatment is needed.

In general, the most common symptoms after a bed bug bite are:

  • Small and bulging lesions on the skin.
  • Discomfort or itching.
  • Inflammation of the skin.
  • Appearance of allergies or blisters in hypersensitive people.
bed bug sting

What to do in front of a bed bug bite?

It is very important that we consult a doctor if we suspect that it is a bed bug bite, because he can rule out any other possibility and will give us the appropriate treatment for our case. However, a safe and effective treatment that we can apply ourselves is to wash the area with plenty of water and soap, and then place an antihistamine to calm the itching that has left the bite.

We have already said that bed bugs usually attack at night and that many times they are found in sheets and mattresses, that is where we run the greatest risk of receiving a bite, if we do not perform a constant cleaning.

While it is true that they are difficult to see, a place with bed bugs will always be dirty by the dried faeces of the bugs, the shells of their skin and their eggs, and this gives us an idea of ​​the problem we are dealing with.

At first, these pests may be at a particular point but be sure that they will reproduce and plague all the space, hiding in cracks, holes and other hard to reach places. So, if you really want to kill them, it is best to wash the bedding with very hot water before placing it, although you can also use some of the tricks we have placed later to get rid of these annoying animals.

Are bed bugs dangerous?

are bed bugs dangerous

Despite not being a major threat to our health, it is a fact that pests like this should be eliminated, since they are usually very close to humans and, although they do not produce diseases by themselves, their bites can cause infections and irritations , and can be carriers of diseases.

If we had to mention which are the species of bed bugs that could cause major problems for the humans, we would say that it is common bed bugs, kissing bug and green stink bug.

We already know that common bed bugs are mainly on the sheets, mattresses, curtains, furniture, skirting boards and in the cracks. However, they are also housed in electrical connections and any holes they find available. The worst of the case is that it feeds on human blood and other animals such as dogs or cats.

The kissing bug is the cause of transmitting Chagas disease, an endemic disease of South America.

As for the green stink bug, although it does not feed on human blood, it emits a rather stinking smell and can even bite if it feels threatened.

How to eliminate bed bugs

how to eliminate bed bugs

To eliminate all kinds of bed bugs, we can resort to either some home remedies, such as those below, or to other methods that are easy and quick to apply, such as:

Fight bedbugs with mechanical systems

Here we have the use of the vacuum cleaner which is a fairly simple method but with excellent results.

Eliminate bed bugs with chemical systems

If the above method does not work, bed bugs can be removed with the help of chemical insecticides. However, it is important to take precautions when using them, as they can be harmful to our health.

Eradicate bed bugs with physical systems

Another way to put an end to the problem of bed bugs is by applying cold or heat, a method that is not dangerous at all and that is also quite effective.

Some home remedies against bed bugs

home remedies against bed bugs

There are some home remedies that can help to end this type of pests, although these are the most common:

Turmeric powder

Turmeric powder is great for killing bedbugs because it contains curcumin, an antimicrobial agent that prevents the survival of these small insects, as it deprives them of oxygen. You can rub a little on your mattress and you will eliminate bed bugs.


Mint oil is also a good option in these cases, since it has a characteristic smell that produces allergy in the bichillos that live in the sheets and mattresses. It is a very powerful product that can help the bedbugs vanish and not damage your house or your garden.

In addition to the peppermint oil, the lavender oil also has the same effect, because its smell is intolerable for pests and ends with them in a jiffy. Of course, it is important that you make sure that no one at home is allergic to these oils to avoid major inconveniences. If there is no problem, this may be one of the best alternatives to end bed bugs, you just have to pour a little oil on the sheets and he will do the rest.


This is a very useful spice that you surely have in your kitchen. Not only serves to cook, but also to kill pests and prevent them from appearing again, as the oil that comes off the brads has a very powerful smell, which bed bugs can not resist.

More tricks to get rid of bed bugs

tricks to get rid of bed bugs

If you need more than just home remedies to kill these animals, you can use these tricks that have also been useful for eliminating bed bugs:

Use steam

This is a very simple trick to kill these insects, and is influenced by the pest control mechanism used by some professional corporations; This is because bed bugs can not survive very high temperatures, so applying hot steam (120° or more) on the mattress, furniture and carpets can help to exterminate them.

Expose the bedclothes to the sun

As we have said, these animals do not tolerate high temperatures, not even the strong heat of the sun, so we recommend you to wash your sheets, blankets and the rest of your bedding with very hot water and then put it in the sun, as well It will be dry and free of bugs. You can also take the mattress out of your room and lay it in the sun for a couple of hours.

Now that you know everything about bedbugs, you can end them once and for all, you just have to put our tips into practice to achieve fast and effective results.

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