The most dangerous ants of all

From a young age you can see that many insects are harmless and the ant is perhaps the most inoffensive of all, but this is not entirely true, some species of ants can be aggressive and cause severe damage, not to mention the irresistible pain you can feel, here You will know which are the most dangerous ants of all.

most dangerous ants

The ants defend themselves by biting and biting with their strong sharp jaws, they have colonies of different kinds, which can be made up of more than 15 million of them, they are characterized by attacking together.

The most dangerous ants of all

Among the most dangerous ants of all the following types of ants can be highlighted:

– The Siafu Ant: also known as driver ants or safari ants,  it has been found to be one of the deadliest in its kind, it can be found especially in Africa,

The natives explain that the best way to avoid the attack of this type of ants is to get out of their way.

the most dangerous ants

– The bulldog Ant: they can inject an acid called formic that generates a painful effect that causes burning, these can be found specifically in Australia, have a sharp vision superior to those of other ants and can detect other species from 3 cm or more. 1 meter away.

– The Argentine Ant: this type of ant is usually very aggressive and is cataloged as an invasive worldwide, one of the reasons why we can observe its high level of population growth of the colonies of this species, it is because they have Several queens in the same anthill, have great capacity for communication thanks to their chemical senses.

If you get to find one of the most dangerous ants of all better get away quickly if you do not want to spend a painful and unpleasant moment, you can even stop at the hospital with the bites of these small insects.