3 Things that scare away ants

One of the biggest concerns of humans is that pests invade their homes, here are some things that scare away ants, since they represent the most common and daily invasion issue in homes, buildings and agriculture.

3 Things that scare away ants

To eliminate this plague once and for all, it is important that you address the problem before it is too late.

scare away ants

Here are 3 things that scare away ants:

  • When you suspect the possible invasion of the ants in the kitchen place the pot of sugar in a bowl with water, this is one of the main causes that attracts ants, when they no longer get food they go by themselves.
  • Sprays vinegar linked with water in the areas where they have started their journey, in this way will eliminate any trace of pheromones scattered by them, with which they manage to communicate with each other.
  • Use a mixture of sodium borate (borax) water and sugar, form a paste with that mixture and distribute it to all the corners where the ants are, soon you will not see any other ant.

Why is it necessary to scare away ants?

why is it necessary to scare away ants

The reasons why we should drive away the ants, is because they are very annoying pests, apart from all their functions that they carry out as workers work that in itself they do it with great discipline and dedication also perform the work of destroying the property.

Ants can destroy a long-term building by digging grain by grain through the walls, whereby every person should carefully check every corner of their house and / or building to avoid serious damage.

This type of plague can cause discomfort in that it can contaminate food, most people feel some misgivings when they see that their food has ants, some prefer to throw it before eating.