3 homemade tricks to avoid ants

Ants are characterized by being a vast colony, are fervent workers, who remain in their routine with discipline and perseverance, one way or another always have the ability to reproduce with or without a queen, for people are often annoying, is for this reason we present in this article some homemade tricks to avoid ants.

3 homemade tricks to avoid ants

Put into practice the following homemade tricks to avoid ants:

home tricks to avoid ants
  • You can irrigate kerosene from the place of entry chosen by the ants.
  • Spray vinegar bound with water, they can not stand the vinegar.
  • You can also bind boric acid with sugar and in what you least think will destroy them internally thus eliminating the largest number of ants.

It should be noted that most ants live on the surface of the earth in which they leave traces of pheromones that other ants can follow, and in this way they multiply by invading the houses in search of their food loads.

Eliminate ants forever

It is necessary to clarify that the total elimination of the ants is almost impossible since by nature they can adapt to any condition, in view of this problem the homemade tricks to avoid the ants is a solution to divert them from their alimentary purposes in the homes.

It is necessary to carry out a meticulous follow-up to detect the entrance or path that they travel in order to eradicate the invasion of this pest, which although they are beneficial to eliminate insects, playing the role of scavengers for example of cockroaches.

home tricks to avoid ants

Another species that can attack are the earthworms and blind snakes, joined in a multitude attack by itching and itching until they kill them.

You may be impressed by the number of functions that these outstanding workers can perform, but because of their condition as plagues, they arrive at their sad destiny of being exterminated by human beings.